* I’d like to first say thank you to Rhea Riego for inviting us to dance at Heiva Ma’ohi, and her wonderful staff who worked so very hard today to make us feel so welcomed. We all had a wonderful time! I’d like to send a heartfelt congratulations to all of Tamari’i Mata’irea dancers, I’m so very proud you. Here are the results: Hayden 3rd place, Delynn 1st place, Danica 1st place, Alyssa 2nd place, Tay 2nd place, Zila 1st place, Rachelle 1st place and Senior OVERALL!!! And to my baby girl Melanie for winning Grand Champion!!!

* Forgot to thank Tamari’i Mata’irea drummers, musicians and singers, and Myles and Louise for jamming with us. Hope you all had fun today!

* I’d like to say congratulations to Tamarii Matairea Vahine for taking FIRST PLACE in Ahuroa at Heiva Ma’ohi Fete. When I watched the video it made me cry. You danced so beautifully and with such gracefulness. Singers, Musician, and Drummer (Matt) you played and sounded wonderful, I was so proud to share the stage with each one of you. I can’t wait till we can do it again!!! Love you all